Best Senior Home Care Services in Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley

Senior Home Care Services in Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley , Orinda, Lafayette, Fremont and Walnut Creek, You can rely on Home Care Pros for the best senior home care services! We aim to provide seniors with the assistance they need to enjoy a satisfying and healthier life from the comfort of their homes. Our caregivers are highly trained and offer unparalleled support and care. Our expert suggestions are tailored to meet your needs and preserve your dignity and quality of life. Let’s enrich the life of your seniors with quality care. Give your seniors the care they deserve Your elders deserve exceptional care and quality time, and only Home Care Pros can make it happen! We understand how difficult it becomes when you have to manage home and business altogether. And especially when you have older adults to take immense care of! With our caregivers, it’s easier to take quality care of your aging loved ones and engage in meaningful conversations with them. Our in-home care is customized to meet your needs We know how to care for seniors like no other. Our experience in senior care is unparalleled. From basic hygiene to companionship care, light housekeeping to meal preparation to transportation, we can assist you with every step of your older years.

Senior Home Care Services

Senior adults who receive services at home are healthier, happier, and recover faster than those living in elder care facilities. Our true caregivers offer compassionate care to your loved ones.

Top Senior Home Care Services in Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley, Orinda, Lafayette and Walnut Creek


Frequently asked questions

Senior home care companies help you take care of your older adults at your home. Caregivers will help them assist with activities of daily living and other medical conditions. However, it does not involve treating an ailment or providing therapies. It’s beneficial for family members who are busy with their business, job, or other home chores.

Difficulty performing routine tasks such as bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming, etc., Changes in functionality and appearance such as weight loss due to poor diet, unkempt hair, growing nails, wearing dirty clothes, etc., Changes in behavior such as abusive behavior, mood swings, increased agitation, etc., memory loss or other psychological problems like forgetting to take medications on time, missing appointments, increased confusion, etc., and assisting with other medical condition can all be the signs that your senior needs a caregiver.

Duties of a caregiver for seniors include light housekeeping, meal preparation, companionship care, bathing, dressing, monitoring and observing the health and needs of the client, grooming, reminding them of medication and appointments, mobility assistance, and providing transportation to and from shopping, appointments, and errands. If included in your package, your caregiver will also arrange outside services such as dental cleaning, massage therapy, incontinent supplies, etc.