8 Ways Our Caregivers Brighten Senior’s Holiday Season

The holidays should be a time of joy and good cheer for everyone. This is a time when family gathers, favorite meals and treats are enjoyed, and when we should feel happiest. Seniors who rely on help at home sometimes struggle to keep up the holiday cheer, even if they feel the song in their hearts. It can be tough to get through the holiday bustle of putting up decorations, making guest beds for visitors, or lovingly making holiday treats.

That’s why Home Care Pros put special effort into brightening each one of our client’s holiday season. Just a few thoughtful actions and shared activities can help seniors enjoy this season of good cheer and remember to find joy in each and every day. Here are eight wonderful ways that our caregivers keep the holiday season bright and uplifting for seniors with in-home senior care.

1) Put Up Festive Holiday Decorations

It’s not the holidays until someone’s decked the halls. Seniors may no longer have the physical energy or stability to hang tinsel, but care providers do! Our caregivers love to help seniors bring down the attic boxes of decorations and brighten up the home with holiday decor.

Senior helpers can put up the tree, hang garlands, and get seniors involved in any part that is easy for them – like hanging ornaments once the tree is up or placing family photos on the mantle.

2) Spruce Up the House and Guest Rooms for Visitors

If seniors are planning to host guests, their in-home senior care can make sure the guest spaces are bright, clean, and welcoming when guests arrive. Our personal assistants are always happy to help with light housekeeping.
Getting ready for guests is a motivating and uplifting task, and seniors don’t need to be making beds with fresh linens anymore to be a gracious host for grown children and grandchildren.

3) Cook Holiday Favorite Meals and Treats

Every family has traditional holiday meals and treats. Seniors in the family have often been the traditional source of these delicious recipes, but over time, it can be tough to dedicate hours of prep and cooking.

A home helper, however, can assist seniors to crack open their old cookbook and whip up some delightful holiday favorites. Caregivers can ensure seniors eat their favorite foods around the holidays and help them prepare recipes to share with family and friends.

4) Wear Silly Hats

Around the holidays, a little silliness goes a long way. Many people don the Santa hat during this time of year and enjoy the shared amused looks all season. When caring for a senior, lightheartedness keeps things fun and reminds seniors it’s okay for them to enjoy some silliness, as well.

Our home companion care assistants truly enjoy bringing smiles and laughter wherever they go.

5) Set Up Video Calls with Relatives

Visiting family is a joy for most seniors, especially around the holidays. Home caregivers can help seniors to host family. But for family members who can’t arrive in person, a little technological assistance can close the miles in between seniors and their loved ones.

Our caregivers can help seniors set up Zoom, FaceTime, GoogleMeet, or any number of video calls to spend digital time with the people they love.

6) Help Seniors Choose and Wrap Presents

Presents are often a big deal, and seniors love to give gifts to younger relatives and children in the family. A home caregiver can provide support and encouragement to help seniors shop online (or take outings) to find the best gifts. Caregivers can also provide agile hands and energy to help wrap the presents in the perfect paper so gifts are ready for guest arrival or the big day.

7) Encourage Seniors to Dress Colorfully

Seniors often enjoy festive sweaters and silly holiday socks, and should be encouraged! Home care pros know how to inspire seniors to live their best life being their natural silly, festive selves. We love to see seniors smiling all day because they love their holiday sweater, and the delight of seniors showing off their festive holiday socks to appreciative grandchildren or great nieces and nephews.

8) Provide Holiday Season Companionship

Finally, home caregivers make sure that seniors never feel alone during the holidays. Whether family can visit or FaceTime, whether seniors have a full social calendar or just a few holiday events planned – a home care pro knows how to help seniors remember good times and enjoy each year’s holiday season to the fullest with good conversation, fun activities, and shared reminiscences of childhood holidays.

In-Home Senior Care for the Holidays with Home Care Pros
If you or someone you know has reached the age where in-home senior care is a good idea, the holidays are a great time to make plans. Everyone needs companionship around this time of year, and we all face an increased rate of chores preparing for guests, treats, and holiday feasts. Make sure you or the seniors in your life are well taken care of and enjoy a bright holiday season with Home Care Pros.