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Hospice care refers to a service that is designed to assist people suffering from a terminal illness. Caregivers are directed to provide a comfortable and quality life to these people during the final stage of their life, rather than focusing on a cure. Hospice care can be given either at the patient’s home or anywhere he or she lives.

Those who are terminally ill and have a life expectancy of six months or less may qualify to receive hospice care. Hospice caregivers usually relieve the distressing symptoms by providing emotional, spiritual, and social support for the patient and family. The goal of hospice care is simply to make the patient live his or her last days with joy, dignity, and comfort.

Services Offered by Hospice Care Providers

Hospice care services may vary, depending on each company. However, the most frequently offered services by hospice care providers are:

● Intensive Comfort Care: handling the situation when the caregiver fails to manage the worsening symptoms of the patient’s condition. For intensive care, hospice staff stays with their patient around the clock in shifts so they don’t have to move to a hospital.
● 24/7 Availability: Responders should always be on standby in case of emergency, regardless of the time.
● Respite Care: Taking the charge of the primary caregiver, so the caregiver can take a break and be able to provide more care efficiently after getting proper rest.
● General Inpatient Care: When the symptoms cannot be managed at home, inpatient hospice units or special arrangements at other local facilities must be available to help the patient at all times until they can return to their homes.
● Spiritual and Emotional Support: Providing psychological and social support to the patients and their families.
● Home Medical Equipment: Must know how to deal with medical equipment, such as medical bed, nebulizer, oxygen and delivery devices, etc.

Types of Hospice Care

There are four levels of hospice care. These include:

1. General Home Care
Providing general home care to patients in their residence, whether it be a private home, assisted living facility, or nursing home.
2. General Inpatient Care
When other treatment methods have failed to alleviate symptoms, this method can be used. Inpatient Care can be provided in a hospital, nursing facility, or hospice inpatient facility equipped to offer 24-hour skilled care.
3. Continuous Home Care
In this kind of hospice care, pain and other acute medical symptoms are managed between 8 and 24 hours a day.
4. Respite Care
Short-term inpatient treatment for an individual is required to provide relief to family members or caregivers at home.

Hospice Care: How to Get It

An individual who is interested in hospice care can contact any service to inquire about care. Patients are typically referred to hospice at home by a hospital professional, GP, or community nurse. A patient’s referral may be accepted by some services. Your needs will be identified by the organization after referral and a care plan will be designed.
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